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Reliable, Customized Service For Over 2 Decades

Over the years Voice Networks has used, tested, and modified its products and services to best fit the needs of our clients.  In the beginning, call-in voicemail and pagers were all the rage.   Car phones, pagers, and faxing were the prime, en vogue methods of communication……..and yes, pay phones still existed.   Now, voicemail networking systems with name directories, message notification, bulletin menus, call transfers, voicemail to email, and much more are used by almost every company.  This helps to direct callers to speak with or leave messages for the intended recipient instead of being carried through the office on a Post-It note.  It also allows for a multi linguistic listening option for companies, as well as many other possibilities.

From pagers to cell phones, from cell phones to Smart phones, the ability for immediate communication has increased greatly.  Voice Networks has worked hard over the years to help ensure that efficient and effective communication systems help businesses, clubs, nonprofit organizations, schools, places of worship, individuals, etc.   We listen closely to the needs of our clients and customize each set-up around their needs.  All of our systems can be accessed with a passcode from any location.  Voicemails, as well as faxes, can also be received via email.  These cultural and technological changes have driven us to create a customized, virtual office, so messages and faxes can all be received where ever you are.

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